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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Challenge...SCARY STUFF...Plus more

SPECIAL NOTE.... Please, please, please click on Enjoy the Ride in the top right of this page, and, well, Enjoy!!!

The September "Cats Up" challenge has ended, and some marvelous submissions were received....click HERE to view. My sincere thanks to those that took the time to participate. And THE WINNERS...........

First Place ($25 WalMart certificate)
Olga Wagner

Second Place (5 x 7 original of choice)

Elizabeth Pearson

Third Place (Tiny Treasure GrabBag)
Gwen Bell

The October ART Challenge is SCARY STUFF. I spared y'all the discomfo
rt of posting Rush Limbaugh in Speedo's or Cousin Fred's bratty little kid dressed up as Spiderman. I left out cats, too, because Michelle Burnett's cat, Figaro's eyes are still following me around the room. What I have presented below are of a more mystical and serious nature, and may provide a quite marketable painting for you after the challenge has come and gone. These images are copyright free and I invite you to add to or remove from, any elements as you see fit.

AND..... ONE SPECIAL PRIZE. Of the submissions, I will make a random drawing for a greatly sought after, dearly prized, and world famous "JAMES' Tiny Treasures and Curiosity GrabBag" This will be a little box of surprises that I accumulate from my wanderings, put in a neat little box, and foist off, er, award to some lucky winner each challenge. Could contain durn near anything... collector's stamps, garage sale leftovers, precious mementos, old hundred dollar bills....well, maybe not. But, it's sure to be a lot of fun, if nothing else. So send them paintings on in.


Angkor Watt in Cambodia, has been one of my favorite places in the world for absolutely fascinating mystery. I've just finished reading James Rollins' "The Judas Strain" and now it is even more spooky.

PHOTOGRAPHERS.... The photo challenge for October is for seasonal scenes of
anything we should be thankful for..... autumn foliage,
family dinners, lovers in the park, squirrels feeding on
nuts, nuts feeding squirrels, ...you get the idea. Send your
jpegs to jpolderndirt2@yahoo. com by October 31.


  1. I like the owl and the Angkor pics. Is it Ok to draw these?

  2. I just enjoyed the ride up top with my husband..that was really uplifting! Thanks for another great vid!

  3. Elena...sure. You can use the owl as a sole subject or incorporate it into another picture.

  4. Hello James
    first I like to appologise for my late respond to your comment of my blog. I have enjoyed looking at your work and I truely enjoyed the way you are dedicated with free and wonderful inspiration to life. I basically believe that life even in the most simplistic form can be wonderful challenging and inspirational.I love to travel, nature,culture and all these things give me an insight to the world that we all living in.My work is inspired from life itself.
    I may not be as productive as some of my fellow artists but I love to paint. I like to hear from you and be in touch. I like to thank you again and regards from downunder.

  5. You can use the owl as a sole subject or incorporate it into another picture. Work From Home