WELCOME!!! This a monthly Art Challenge for anyone who wants to participate. Each month, I will post a poem written by me, and one or more photos relating to that poem. The photos will serve as reference photos for your artwork, which will be posted on WINDOWS TO THE WORDS ART. See complete guidelines on the right hand side bar. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A NEW YEAR - A NEW WTTW - January/February Challenge

Well, I hope everybody had a happy and safe holiday season!!!! A new year has snuck in the back door and is rolling right along. With each new year comes changes, and so it is with Windows to the Words. The photo and writing parts of the challenge never caught on, so I removed them from the challenge. I left the blogs (photography and writing) still up but inactive. Windows to the Words now consists of the HOME page (which is where you are now) and the ART page where the submissions for each challenge are posted (click HERE). This is simpler and any other details can be found on the sidebar at the right.

This month I've extended the deadline through the month of February because I'm a bit late getting started and because this should be a real neat, fun challenge. Submit your art to me (windowstothewords@gmail.com) by February 28.


First...my poem:

This earthly life we're given seems to be an endless quest,
Of the things that make us happy...Of t
he things that we love best.

But of all the worldly treasures, that are worshipped and sought after
There's nothing quite so precious, as the sounds of children's laughter.

And though we all were young once, it's easy to forget,
But many childhood m
emories involved our family pet.

"Old Rover" was a true friend, who could never tell you lies,
He wanted just to love you, and
it it showed in his bright eyes.

Although he's crossed The Rainbow Bridge, in my memory he's still a part
Of that very special friendship that remains within my heart.

And the reference photos... (These were sent to me by the world-renowned artist and overall nice guy..Edward Burton
The above photos are just 3 of the 7 photos you can choose from. See the rest on my WOW blog by clicking HERE.

And Lastly....My holiday gift to you. A simply beautiful and enchanting video called "When A Child Is Born". Please click on the cute little young lady below. Please take just a moment to watch it.


  1. Fabulous photos James! Don't know which one to choose!

  2. You can do as many as you want, Liz!

  3. Really cute photos.
    I loved the video - beautiful. angelic voices!

  4. Well I really enjoyed your poem..these photos and that video- Awesome..I'm never dissapointed when I come here!
    Aloha, Regina-