WELCOME!!! This a monthly Art Challenge for anyone who wants to participate. Each month, I will post a poem written by me, and one or more photos relating to that poem. The photos will serve as reference photos for your artwork, which will be posted on WINDOWS TO THE WORDS ART. See complete guidelines on the right hand side bar. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FLYING COLORS - May Challenge

Whew! The April challenge of Flower Power is over. From California to Pennsylvania. From South Dakota to Alabama. British Columbia, Canada to Austin, Texas. Ohio, Tennessee. Moscow, Russia!! Manila, Phillippines!! New Delhi, India!! It is truly humbling that this little challenge blog has such far-reaching participation. And even more humbling, is the extraordinary talent of the participants. Please check out the remarkable artwork at Windows to the Words Art.

This month's challenge is "Flying Colors"......BUTTERFLIES

First, the words....my corny little poem:

Winged Blessings

There are still so many people,
Who think Earth's an accident,
They numbly don't
When things are heaven-s

Take the simple butterfly,
In a thousand different forms,
So many colors and designs,
So many graceful charms.

If God had formed a committee,
When the butterfly wa
s made,
You can bet it would be funny,
To hear what things were said.

There'd be a big discussion,

And a multitude of gripes,
"Do we need so many colors?
And why so many types?"

But God, in all His wisdom,
Said "Here's the nitty-gri
They're a special gift to mankind,
So I want them downright pretty!"
....James Parker

This is an AWARDS Challenge!!! Here are the four reference photos. Use the butterfly, but you can substitute your favorite flower, or go with whatever background you think works....remember....on your canvas, you're the boss! Paint one or all and submit em to me by June 1st.
Tiger Swallowtail

White Admiral

American Painted Lady

Red-Spotted Purple

Now..the awards for this month's challenge are special....
My little crew of judges will choose their favorite
, who will receive the world famous and highly coveted little grab-bag of "James' Tiny Texas Treasures" !!!!! Then...my sister, Margaret, and two of her friends, Lucy and Linda, will choose their favorite, who will receive their choice of a fused dichroic glass pendant or cross wall hanging from her shop... Mag's Marvels on Etsy. (you can click Mag's Marvels to visit)

Sneak Preview.... June's challenge will be challenging....reflections. BUT the
BIG JULY EVENT will be a "POOCH PORTRAIT EXCHANGE". July being the month of flag waving and Hot Dogs, get your favorite photo of your dog (past or present) ready to send in for an artist
swap...you will receive a photo of another artist's dog to put to the painted pet portrait test. Should be a bunch of fun....more later.


  1. I just gotta do this this month, James! I've picked my choice too! I think I shall also have to do the doggy portrait exchange. I've been wanting to jump on this challenge for awhile. Thanks for setting it up, James! And I can testify to how beautiful your sister's glass pieces are. I own one of me own!

  2. I hope to do one of these gorgeous butterflies for this month's challenge. Loved your poem BEAUTIFUL

  3. Hope I can submit a butterfly painting but maybe I'd better stick to fusing glass. Thank you, Autumn Leaves, for the compliment.

  4. really great posts on butterflies. Some great art produced from this challenge.

  5. Love the poem and butterfly...awesome blog!
    Look forward to more. :-)

  6. Carrie...I went to your blogs and have been admiring your exquisite writing. I noticed that you have 0 comments and tried to post a comment but could not. Is this intentional or a setting problem?