WELCOME!!! This a monthly Art Challenge for anyone who wants to participate. Each month, I will post a poem written by me, and one or more photos relating to that poem. The photos will serve as reference photos for your artwork, which will be posted on WINDOWS TO THE WORDS ART. See complete guidelines on the right hand side bar. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Double Header - DOGS and FROGS

The "Reflections" challenge of June wound up with some marvelous submissions...which you can view by clicking HERE. Thanks so much for participating...the check's in the mail.

The first challenge for the summer is "Dog Portrait Exchange" which I have expanded to TWO MONTHS (dog photos accepted until August 25....BUT....entries
MUST be in by Labor Day). This will be an ongoing challenge during those two months...as I get two photo submissions, I will pair them up and send the reference photos to the two participating artists. I have paired up the photos I have already received and will post the finished "poochtraits" on WTTW Art as received. So come on...join in and send your pup's mugshot in. Here is a sample of the pooch photos I have already received and sent out.
Be sure to check out the July (Summer Challenge, Part 2) Challenge...FROGS...following my corny little dog poem....

I Will Follow

I have a sacred mission,
I will follow where you go.
From sun-baked a
rid deserts,
To barren, ice-pa
cked snow.

My hair grew short or long,
To accept your way of living,
My goal is just to be with you,
My intent is based on giving.

You needed me to b
e quite smart,
To guide your sheep and cattle,
In war I had to be
so brave,
And follow you in battle.

Your lady and your children,
Needed me to primp and cuddle,
And I took an indoor life st
Tho I often lef
t a puddle.

You needed me to h
unt for you,
You needed me to guard,
You needed me to talk to,
Without a returning word.

If you take the time to hold me,
And look deep into my eye,
You'll see the love
and loyalty,
That money just can't buy.

DOG is such a simple word,
For a marvelous creation,
Spelled backward, DO
G is GOD,
Could it be a divin
e relation?

July Challenge (Part 2) FROGS

For those who might not want to join the Dog Portrait exchange, I have posted 4 reference photos of one of my fav
orite subjects...Frogs. Feel welcome to participate in both, if ya want to. Frog submissions need tgo be received by August 1. Following the frog reference photos, is....you guessed it...a corny frog poem!!!!


Every time it rains,
The plants and trees rejoice,
But rising over all,
Is a loud and stronger voice.

It's a woodland symphony,
When the frogs join in the chorus,
Ribbits, croaks and chirps,
Resound throughout the forest.

It's really quite amazing,
That a creation made so small,
Could muster such a volume,
That would fill a concert hall.

And they're really downright cute,
But some might disagree,
And although they're rather slimy,
It doesn't bother me.

So here's a hearty toast,
To the hoppy little frog,
Glad that you could join us,
On this month's challenge blog.

Good Luck. Take Care...and Keep Strokin' !!!!!


  1. Your July challenge should draw a lot of participants and followers - wish I could paint and I would enter, but it is so nice to be able to enjoy all the artists' renderings. Have fun.

  2. I love the poems, both really warm the heart.

  3. Your poetry is wonderful! You should seriously think of publishing them.

  4. James,
    The pictures are so great - beautiful inspiration for painting. I gotta say, though - the poetry is absolutely delightful! Very insightful. I just love it. Keep doing what you do!